This is my first Wedding shot at the So Sofitel. The booking was done through the Hotel and I met the couple while they were already in front of the Civil Officer. We did not have time to meet before.

The day was very windy and the Bride had a lot of issues to keep her veil still. The Wedding Officer had to shorten the ceremony because of the winds.

The couple, who came from Hungary, was a bit desperate about the weather and thought it would be a catastrophe. The package was to shoot their ceremony and have a short photoshoot.

I proceeded under the wind on the beach. The rain was about to come but fortunately the sun was shining since the rainy clouds were coming at the opposite direction of the sun.

After 20mns shooting on the beach, we moved to the spa of the hotel to do some more shots. The architecture of the building inspired me and I did some interesting pictures in the round designed rooms.

Then we did some shots in the small yard of the spa and rain started to come. I placed my light and did some nice shots of the rain drops behind the couple.

In about an hour, the whole shooting was done. I proceeded to edit the pictures and about 2 and half hours later, i went to deliver the pictures to the couple.

I showed them the images on my computer. The compliments started but what really touched me, is at the end, the Bride started to weep. Then she grabbed me and kissed me 3 times thanking me for the shots. Her husband did the same. I even felt embarrassed since they were both very moved that they could have descent pictures of their Wedding. 

Their appreciation and gratefulness was my reward that evening.