Why hiring Fotoshoot Productions to cover your Wedding?

fotoshoot productions was rated by the site www.topteny.com as among the 10 best wedding photographers in the world and has been among the 24 finalists FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTEST "top ten wedding photographers in the world".

In this digital era, there are plethora of photographers. Almost everyone today considers himself as a photographer because of his camera’s phone or his brand new affordable DSLR he purchased to snap around.

Would you consider that everyone who plays with a soccer ball is a proper football player comparable to Messi, Ronaldo, or Ibrahimovic?

A camera does not make a photographer. It’s the photographer who makes the picture. The camera is only a tool to help the photographer achieve what he has already pictured in his mind.

We at Fotoshoot Productions, we take Wedding Photography very seriously.

We believe that your Wedding photos has to be enchanting, moving, stunning, amazing, jaw dropping and should remind you all the sensations and feeling you experienced on that very special day of yours.

That is why, with more then 20 years of experience, we know how to take pictures and most of all, how to catch the spirit and the emotions of the day.

Thanks to this experience, we can adapt ourselves to any situation. Even if it rains, we know how to deal with it and still make stunning photos.

We work with three high definition cameras and always have a backup one in case anything happens (we never know). We also use portable Studio Lights with light modifiers to create this magazine and cinematic look on your preparation, ceremony, photoshoot and reception which makes our shots stand out among the average Wedding photos offered by other photographers.

Being a Wedding photographer is not only being behind a camera, it’s also to be an adviser, to reassure the Bride and/or Groom, to give direction in the way things has to be done, (because most of the time it’s the first time you are getting married :-) ), to sometimes make the tie of the Groom and/or put the button flower on the chest of the Father, to handle crowds, and people, and at the same time, take stunning pictures…

We meet with the couple a few days or weeks before the D-day to advise them on how to prepare the day (like avoiding wearing brand new high heels on your wedding day but purchasing them at least a month’s before and walking in them in the afternoons everyday to get your feet used to them) and give a lot of practical tips so that they enjoy their wedding in spite of enduring it.

When you are hiring us for your Wedding, you are trusting a multi awarded international photographer who covers between 60 to 80 weddings a year and knows his job on the fingertips, who is flexible, friendly, open to suggestions, creative and committed in his mission.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form for more information. We will reply to you and submit you a quote in the next 24-48 hours.