Cindy and Yannick contacted me in October 2015 with another couple. They were cousins and getting married one week apart. 

Cindy had carefully planned each part of her wedding. She asked me quite a few questions at the beginning because she had to be reassured that I was competent to cover her Wedding. I had been referred from another couple which I covered their Wedding a few months before. 

After a fruitful meeting, we committed together for a big day.

The Photoshoot session was being done at the reception site and has been done before the religious ceremony. We shot the meeting between the Groom and the Bride and the place where we did our shooting was beautiful and remote. 

It's kind of an exclusive place in the midst of nature, next to the National Park of Black River in Mauritius.

The day was beautiful with warm sun and dry while the week before, until the day before was stormy all over the island. The next day of her Wedding, the weather went bad again. So we could believe that there has been some kind of divine intervention for her big day.