I’m a professional photographer and I’ve been in this field since 1994.

Nowadays, one of the most important things for a Professional Wedding Photographer is to be able to deliver stunning pictures in a short amount of time. When you get 3 to 4 Weddings a week and it goes on for 3 to 4 consecutive months, you quickly find yourself overwhelmed with image editing and your are unable to deliver your pictures in the agreed timeframe. It creates frustration on your side and on your client’s side.

Therefore it’s very important to find tools which allows you to quickly edit your pictures and fits your editing style as well, which also is a photographer’s signature.

I recently came across a workflow named SleekLens (https://sleeklens.com) which offers several advanced presets for various type of photography. I decided to give a try to the Forever thine Wedding Workflow. These presets are loaded into Lightroom and you can choose from hundred’s of style from regular workflow to vintage, black and white, split colors, etc… you get a wide range of editing presets allowing you to find what fits your style and to quickly apply these on your images. 

Of course, it takes some times to get used to the different workflow and to identify what works best for each type of shots.

The great advantage working with Lightroom is that all these presets are non destructive and if you are familiar with Lightroom, you can very quickly tweak a preset to create Your stunning edited image.

These presets helps me to work fast and on some Weddings with no reception, to deliver images on the same day working on my laptop. 

Nowdays, time is money and working fast and well is crucial to remain successful in the field of event and Wedding Photography.

SleekLens is a great tool to work efficiently and with its hundredth of presets, I can always find what I need for each of my shots.

https://sleeklens.com/product/wedding-lightroom-presets/ and https://sleeklens.com/product-category/lightroom-presets/