Gilles contacted me via my Facebook page 3 months prior to his Wedding. he had seen my work and wanted me to cover his wedding. I saw him liking each picture I would post.

We met 2 days before his Wedding which was taking place on 11th April, a Monday. He arrived in Mauritius the previous Monday and during the whole week and the day we met to look through the details of his D-Day, it was sunny and hot. 

When we arrived on Monday to start coverage of Dorothee's makeup and preparation, she had already finished. The make up artist and hair dresser had started 2 hours before scheduled. We decided to start shooting her accessories and accompanied her during her dressing up and final preparation. We took some times with Gilles as well.

It had been raining and even pouring in the morning. The little Wedding Arc had been setup on the beach but the Hotel thought that it might be risky because the weather was uncertain and had prepared a setup under a kiosk.

But, the couple insisted to do it on the beach and they were right. The weather stood still during the ceremony and when we started the photoshoot. It had even been a bit sunny. But about 15 mins we had started the photoshoot, the rain came, and it came strong. I had been cautious about the weather and brought some protecting accessories for my cameras. However, the fog appeared on all my lens because of heavy damp and humidity when it rains. It has been a difficult time shooting with a Poncho, gears wrapped up in protective plastic but the front lens would get droplets and worst, would fog which seriously hindered our photoshoot. However after almost an hour, the rain stopped. We continued shooting but because of the time and the couds it got darker soon.

We finished the shooting in the manor house and I proceeded with the editing. It took me about 4 hours. Sometimes, i would just walk out the manor house (A huge decorated hall, always open) and look at the sky and I would see stars. All rain and clouds had gone when we finished the photoshoot. It seems that the bad weather took an appointment with us as well as for the photoshoot.

We delivered the pictures at around midnight and the client came and chat with us far a good 45 mins and brought champaign. We were delighted. He said he lost the rings when he arrived in Mauritius as well as some top electronic gears in a bag which fell from his chariot. He was lucky to find them back at the airport thanks to a gentleman who brought the bag to the lost and found.

He was very happy about his pictures and did not expect it to come out how it did. 

The next day, he emailed me to thank us again and said that his wife loved the pictures so much. But he was flabbergasted because the weather the next day was sunny again.

What can we do.... However, we did our Job even the odds were against us that day and it was well done.