This wedding will be long time remembered. How to forget this amazing lady who had such a gait and walk. I thought she was a model. But she told me later that she was a dancer and cheerleader. They are from Poland.

She would not let anyone indifferent. She had quite a presence. Her husband was more discreet but a firm foundation to her.

I started the coverage with the "discovery" of the new weds before the ceremony. That's when I saw her. She had also hired a videographer who was a colleague to me.

We had a long walk to the ceremony place where they were shot with cameras, video cameras and a drone.

We proceeded with ceremony and could see how elegant and aesthetic Justyna was in her movements.

After the traditional kiss, cake and champagne, we proceeded for the photoshoot. It was an amazing time because both of them had the "attitude" and their poses were stunning.

I did a shot of Justyna jumping in the air while her husband was holding her dress and it remained a milestone for the day. The picture was stunning since Justyna had such a nice pose when she jumped and Michael had the perfect attitude holding the dress.

We enjoyed a wonderful photoshoot session until it was completely dark.

They were thrilled and happy. I delivered their pictures 3 days later. A few weeks after, Justyna sent me a montage done with the video and the photos. I was very happy that they thought of me and the montage was so nice and had such a good feel to it.

Great couple.